Form 3 for sale $2500

Selling my Form 3 $2,500 plus shipping. Very good condition. I have another but don’t need two. For the amount of work i can do, it doesn’t justify a second printer. Wash kit, tools and build platform are in separate shipping box. A resin tank isn’t included. An on/off cable is included. I contacted Formlabs and they said this would work fine along with their power cable. Don’t forget to undo the metal bracket on the LPU, this is there for shipping. Printer will be shipped in its original box and supplies in a separate box. Shipper will be at your preference.

Hey Resindustkits, are you able to share your rough location in order for me to estimate shipping costs? I’m interested in this kit!



My zip is 13031, I can give you dimensions and weight tomorrow, thanks



Two boxes
supply box- 20x10x12 9 lbs 13 oz
printer box- 27x20x22 51 lbs.
shipping from zip code 13031



Is this still available?

yes it is

Yes it is available

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