Form 2 in South Africa

Hi All. Is there anyone with a Form 2 that uses it in an orthodontic practice that is situated in South African or Namibia? I am currently in Namibia and would like to see the printer in action before deciding on getting it.

I am located in New York. A far reach from South Africa, but I own a Orthodontic Lab on Long Island. We purchased our first 3d printer, A FormLabs 2 in January. No disappointments. We have used our printer to print models for the fabrication of all Orthodontic Appliances. We have used exclusively the new grey V3 Resin to date. We can solder fixed appliances right on the digital models. We have also found that this Resin is the most friendly we have come across. Other resins we tried were Strasys, Envisiontec and Jewel. None of these resins are as good for our needs as the fromlabs V3 has been. Acrylic seperates well and the models and the models are not slippery to work with. If you have any specific question about FormLabs and Orthodontics I will try to help you.
Joe Tortorici
Tortorici Orthodontic Lab
Clear Fusion Appliances.


Thanks so much for this info - it really helps

You should get in touch with our sales team and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. We also have a sample part request form where you can get a free print in a material of your choice.