Form 2 for sale

Lightly used Form 2 for sale (have made 3 prints!) . Includes extra resin tray and tough resin. Printer was received in early February so under warranty. Can demonstrate machine. I am located in Cambridge Mass . Price $3300.00

why are you selling ?

I bought it for a project which has passed (it took months to arrive). I also have free use of a Form 1 for occasional prints.

Printer also includes an unopened UV curing chamber from Amazon

Do you know if Formlabs standard Warranty is transferable ?

Based on the information you’ve given I can assume the printer is in fine working condition?

I will write form labs about the warranty to assure this . Yes printer is in excellent condition and has been used for two prints

Hi yes fully transferable:

Roxanne (Formlabs)

May 25, 3:58 PM

Yes, the warranty will transfer! We want to make sure all Form 1+ and Form 2 owners get the most out of their investment. :slight_smile:


Formlabs Services | Customer Care

Deposit received!

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