Form 1+ for Sale in Texas

Selling Form 1+, in great condition and well taken care of, but no longer needed after upgrading to the Form 2. Comes with an extra build platform, washing station and uv oven. Accepting all reasonable offers. Thank you for reading. :slight_smile:

Is this still available?

Yes, it is still available. What is your offer?

Do you still have the original packaging and any photos you could PM me? I just purchased 2 off others for a different range but I’d like to see/know that before making an offer

No original packing, except for the box for the build platform. And yes I can send a couple pictures once I get home.

Here are a couple pictures

Is this still available?

Yes, it is.

What city are you in? I’m in the DFW area. Would like to see in person if possible.

San Antonio, you’re welcome to come see if you have the time to make that trip.

i am very interested in this and figgered this is good start instead of buying the form 2 right off the bat…this way i can experiment with it

It is still available, no solid offers as of yet.

i was wondering how much u asking for it


that is a little to much for me right now…sorry for bothering you

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