Food Resin?

Hi everybody,

I’m wondering if Formlabs have food resin in their range ?

Hope the respond gonna be positive because I wanted to buy Form 3.

Essentially to make Moulds sample.

Have a nice day.

There is no such resin at present. You could contact them to inquire about future plans.

I’m not a chemist, but I strongly suspect the LFS process probably is not sympathetic with edible materials. Moreover, given the current pricing of consumables, your Formlabs printer would be producing some insanely-expensive candies, by the gram.

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Hi rybu, Thanks for you’r quick answer.

It’s not for chocolat candies but for moulds sample. I want to make unique sample for creation department and Production Department.
It’s maybe a huge invest but I’m gonna win time and human process.

Hi rkagerer, Thank for your answer.

Hey @OcO!

This blog post may have some helpful information for you! :slight_smile:

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