First resin print! (Form 3)


I received my form 3 this week, unfortunately I was out of town. As soon as I got home, I started this print. I’m very familiar with FDM, but this is my first SLA printer. I’m also using the form wash and cure. I was surprised to see a few shiny spots on the model still after the cure.

I’ll wash better next time- so far the form 3 is great!



make some babe girls that model was great but ugly :smiley: tip: make eyes white without iris (pupil)


Awesome skills!

Were you using fresh IPA?


Thanks! Yea, fresh IPA in a form wash. Uploading…


I received my Form 3 last week and have done 6 prints so far. I had a 8 year old FDM Stratasys uPrint SE that died this past summer. In a way I am very happy about that, these Form 3 prints are far superior and about half the cost. No sanding and acetone flash!

Question my printer comes as (Early 2019) when I connect. Is this what you are seeing on your new printer?