Example Model to show difference between 100, 50 and 25 microns

I’ve got a new Form 2 ordered and will be donating it to a local Makespace I belong to.

I’m looking for a cool model that I can print at 100 microns, 50 microns and again at 25 microns. Something with some really nice detail that folks can look at and visually see a difference between the 3 settings.

I’d like to use a really nice looking model or minature or something, rather than an ugly ‘benchmark’ sort of print.

I know that’s a tall order, but I’m willing to purchase a model if anyone know of a good one.

I’m quite excited to print some things with it. Up to this point we’ve only had a Lulzbot in the makerspace, this will be our first SLA printer.


If all you want to do is show the differences between the 3 resolutions, all you would need is a sphere.
Print a sphere, then look at the top surface, as it approaches the final layers. The coarser the resolution (10nm), the easier it will be to see the lines between the individual layers.

The stair-stepping becomes more obvious with thicker layers. The reason for a sphere is that as it approaches the top of the print (technically the bottom), the angle becomes more and more shallow, and you’ll see a more defined layering pattern.

I know that’s not what you asked for, but it is the simplest, and cleanest way to show the differences.

Thank you for the advice! I’ll take a look at some models that maybe incorporate a sphere, see if I can find something cool looking, before I maybe eventually just fire up OpenSCAD and render one out.

Thanks again.

Just look at thingiverse. A bald head will do nicely. I’m sure Thingiverse will have every type of bald heads from the average guy to the troll :stuck_out_tongue:

Try to print this 1 or any ctrlV piece https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1363023

I would look for a STL of the earth or moon and use that.

You may not see much change between 50 and 25 microns depending on the model.