Electricity cost?

Hey guys,

Has any one roughly calculated how much electricity is used by Form1 or Form1+ per hour ?

I’m trying to see how much is the cost for electricity running it 6-10 hours a day! Any help!?


The transformer says it outputs 24v @ 2.5A, so that is 60W. I think 60W is about 2/3 of a penny per hour.

As I understand, transformers like this one take the same amount of power no matter if you use it or not. I know that is a shock, (haha) but only the expensive step-mode ones vary the input. You can spot the expensive ones because they are very small compared to the old technology. The Form1+ has a very large one.

I borrowed a Kill-O-Watt device and plugged the printer into it, here’s your answer…

Printing = 21 Watt
Not printing = 11 Watt

So non-stop use all year will cost you $22 in electricity for only the printer.

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Any idea for Form Wash and Form Cure?

Thanks for the information. I searched many sites for this and read many articles about this topic, but only you could help.

you can use an electricity meter (socket plug, like 10-12 euros or so! super cheap for what it offers) and see how much it draws per print. Anyway it’s very cheap per year, as JoshK said. Using an energy meter will give you the exact cost.

Wow I’ve never thought about it, it’s pretty much

Which home appliance consumes the highest electricity?

Hi @elevate123,

There are a number of different sites which list approximate power usage for various appliances. Based on a quick search, assuming the printer power consumption is 10-20 W, this should be a similar power usage to a computer monitor.


Here are some logs from my Form 3B+ and Cure.

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I installed an off-grid solar system https://generatorpick.com/best-off-grid-solar-system/ and electricity prices have dropped, I still have a few solar generators, just in case. I’ve been telling myself for a long time that we need to switch to alternative energy sources.