Additions to Preform calculations

I’d like to suggest a couple of additional options to the calculations that preform does when calculating the print time.

  • Estimated electricity consumption

  • Resin volume cost (this could be linked to the current cost of the resin on the Formlabs site or have an options menu to add chosen resin cost.)

  • Calculation that works out cost of print with resin cost and electricity cost with option to add in how much you pay for eletricity per KWh

  • feature on preform that gives you an alert that you print has completed either via email (or SMS if you have it set up on skype or something) if you’ve left the printer running and gone out.

There is a device on Amazon called a kill-a-watt that you can plug in between the wall and the cord that will give a running total of power used and current consumption and it is cheap. I think the transformer on the Form1+ wastes significant power even when the printer is off, so I doubt FormLabs wants to display that to the world. It’s not just the form1+, it is most transformers in your house. For the completion time the estimate is very good, maybe a simple timer would be handy? I just watch the clock though.