Does layer size have anything to do with successful printing?

Hi! just thinking out loud here, does the layer size has anything to do with getting a better and less warped print? Thinking may be a thinner layer requires less effort to be peeled off?

@Victor_Wolansky, for larger prints, the thinner the layer height, the bigger the possibility of failure. Therefore, if you’re printing large parts, I, as well as others on this forum, including Formlabs, recommend printing with a layer height of 0.1mm. The motor of the peel mechanism adjusts itself to your layer height settings, The thinner the layer height, the slower the peel. Therefore, it shouldn’t make a difference effort wise… However, as the peel motion will be done 4x as much when printing at 0.025mm instead of 0.1mm, the amount of stress on the layers is bigger and therefore your print will most likely fail easier.

So to conclude… yes the layer size most definitely has everything to do with succesful printing.

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thanks! I thought it would be the other way around…

what is curious about what you mention, is, I have printed the same object with .1 and .05 and the one printed with .05 had less bending, its an object with many thin parts. I thought that less bending was product of less peeling effort.

It more or less all depends on what you’re printing. The Form1+ seems to have issues with large flat pieces. if you have a model that has a large surface area but is relatively flat (for instance a lid of a box), it will most probably warp which ever settings you use. Don’t want to scare you off here, but the Form1(+) just seems to have a very hard time printing thing objects without warping them…

Something like this would be very hard to print on the Form1+ without warping. Don’t know if your print was similar to this.

I was printing something like this, it was less bendy when settings were thinner layers. And had two little fractures but I think it was dues to pressure when removing on the red marks.

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