Dimensional Stability of printed Model

What is your experience of dimensional stability of printed parts? Does postcuring under UV lamp / sunlight improve?

I printed a part a few days ago and had a look at the base today and noticed there is a pronounced warp. The actual part that I printed does not appear to be warped at all though.

I am aware that other cured SLA resins tend to pick up moisture. The base was left near a sink while the model was kept on a desk. Interested to hear the community’s wisdom

Josh M,

All of my support bases/rafts do that. Also, it seams that large planar parts that are printed parallel to the build platform will “potato chip”, or warp along at least one axis.
The parts that I have cured under sun light soon after printing seem to be the more stable. The parts I leave under sun light the longest seem to be most stabile. I am thinking about either making or buying a UV curing box to post cure/harden parts evenly.