Different color instead of darker color for layer by layer review


Hi @Thomas_Anders, yes, with the new ability in Manual Support Edit Mode to box select multiple touch points and edit them as a group, we needed to be sure the touch points always show clearly against the model color, so we switched all models to render in grey instead of different colors per material. It looks like we missed the update for the slice plane color in Manual Support Edit mode to also have better contrast. We will look into fixing this for the next release!


@gtl Please for the love of all that is good and nice in the world. NOT contrast different color!!! Please! Contrast for the layer is really not the answer.

Any contrast would still just be grey on grey.

A different color means you end up with the picture on the top… so easy to work with … amazing wonderful … I sigh the praises of Formlabs.

A different contrast ends up with the picture on the bottom … my techs call for the various plagues to infest the Formlabs offices.

Color … not Contrast … the difference is real. :wink:


Yes, I meant we are going to change the slice plane to be a different color than the model color.


This low contrast and lack of control over how one can display colors crap on modern programs (not just Preform) has got to stop. I’d rather use GUI’s from the NT 4.0 through Windows 7 eras than this modern nonsense.