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Dielectric Breakdown Strength of select Form2 Materials


Recent progress in a variety of 3-D printing technologies that include various materials and much improved layer refinements have led to novel capabilities in rapid prototyping. We have specifically incorporated this rapid prototyping ability for the design and testing of high voltage pulse power components that are relevant for high power radio frequency (HPRF) systems. Complex geometries that are non-conductive, have high breakdown strength, and hold high pressure are essential in high voltage pulse power designs. This paper will test and evaluate the high voltage properties of various Formlabs resins used in several HPRF projects. Testing and evaluation will include the measurement of dielectric constants using cavity loading techniques and determination of dielectric strengths while varying resins, print resolution, material thickness, and print orientations.

Presentation can be found at:

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Is this presentation still available? The link doesn’t appear to work. We’re using standard/durable resin for electrical casings but we’re having trouble finding any information about the dielectric breakdown voltage of the material.


I wouldn’t mind getting a copy of it either.


Me too…


New link above


Sorry to revive an old thread, but I’m currently conducting research that would greatly benefit from this reference. It appears that the link is not working anymore. @shannonjd is the presentation (or perhaps paper) still available?
Thank you in advance!



Great! Much appreciated!