Dental models

Im currently using Exocad and they do not have a module to make models that can articulate. Does any one know of a program that can generate a model like this? I can generate Stops in Exocad but not a attachment to articulate.


In exocad you can also use attachments for Itero- 3shape- and more articulators. Ask your reseller for the library.

This is generated in Model Builder from the 3Shape software

Armann Girbach is our dealer, they said they dont have those librarys , just “theirs”, Which is setting pins.

Looks like Amann Girrbach is sleeping. Wait some months, the attachments you need will come out for exocad. If Amann Girrbach won’t integrate this in future, ask other exocad-users for this files and integrate them by yourself

This may give you a solution

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