Connecting two models

If I export two STL files to preform, is there a way to connect them and make them 1 single part? If not, any reccomendations?

You’ll probably need to do this in another piece of software, then bring in the combined part.

In Preform, all you can really do to hack them together is move the two parts around in the X/Y plane until they overlap (and I guess a little bit in Z if you tailor the raft and support height). That will only work if your geometry and print orientation happen to allow the mating faces to match up.

Do you have a recommendation for software?

There’s lots of free STL tooling out there, of varying UX quality. Autodesk Meshmixer might be worth a try.

Thanks for the reply! Much appreciated. I have MeshMixer but I have found it rather difficult to work with.

I was able to research MeshMixer a little more and I can now do what is needed. Thanks all.

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Good Morning, I think that you need to ‘assemble’ the two parts in your CAD software, beofre Making the STL files. Most 3D CAD programs will let you assemble parts to each other.
All the Best for 2021 Chris

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