Commercial 9" Metal Spin Caster for sale

I have a 9" commercial spin caster I’d like to sell along with a number of RTV molds, equipment to make molds, etc. This is a good working unit I’ve just decided to stop producing white metal parts for my business and go totally resin castings. This is not for high temperature metals, only pewter metal at 500 degrees melting point.

You can use your FormLab Printer pieces as masters to make the casting molds then cast the parts in low melt metal. It’s also possible to plate this pewter metal.

Only local pickup, no shipping. I’m getting to old to crate and pack such and item. Located in central Indiana. I will include a few hours of instruction on how to make RTV molds if the buyer is interested. RTV molds are much better than vulcanized molds in that less pressure and less speed is needed to get good castings.

Send me a PM if you are interested. Price $1,300 for it all.

I was asked for photos of the RTV molds. Here are some. one shows a single molds, both halves. The other is all the molds that go with the unit. Most are good but a few might have tear-outs from use. Notice that I also have 6" dia. molds and I made special holders for those in the spin caster.

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