Closed hole(gem cut) when print with castable resin & form2

hello.we have problems with gem cuts & holes.Those are often closed. there isn’t any problem with big holes but holes with 50 microns diameter.
Pls help us to correct our mistakes in printing & finishing after prints.
Thanks :wink:

Minimum recommended hole size is 0.5mm - 500u. Not sure I’d want even that small a hole out for casting though.

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it is few for 0.01 ct (D=1mm)
we wanna print models with holes for smallest diamonds

look at this photo. 500 micron of hole wide is too much for these kind of round diamonds

I’m well aware of the hole sizes that make sense in microsetting (although I usually manually cut the prongs & blind set at those sizes) - however, the design guide for the printer does not support the use of 0.1mm holes and - as already suggested - neither will your casting process.

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in the tech specs of the form2 is written the axis resolution is at least 25micron. so why it can’t support 0.1 holes?!

some weaker & cheaper printer like B9 support smaller hole size than 0.1mm

Your assumptions are fundamentally flawed. The positioning resolution is 10u, the minimum layer height is 25u, the beam diameter is 140u, the minimum feature size is 150u but the minimum hole size (as already pointed out) is 500u.

The B9 cannot print 0.1mm holes either - you might get 0.3mm with the right resin - and again, you will not cast them successfully regardless of whether they print clearly. Good luck finding an off-the-shelf drill at 0.1mm; I don’t think Busch do anything less than 0.5mm.

I have to ask - what is your experience in jewellery design? Specifically, design for manufacture and setting?


oh! Thanks alot. your guidance are very useful.
I will tell our main designer these things tomorrow & tell you the result.
could you please check our designing models in Matrix and exactly tell us what our mistake is? :slight_smile:

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I can do, but it would have to be at my normal consultancy rates.


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