Clear resin pieces under water

I need to get 3d printed parts made using Formlabs clear resin to keep clear underwater as the parts will be submersed for a fee hours. However I have noticed that clear parts become foggy after a while.
Is there anu solution for this? Coating? Other post-processing?

You can try coating the print in additional clear resin and it’ll be very transparent, but it can be difficult to get an even coating on there. You can also try spraying with a clear spray which should fill in some of the gaps to make it smoother. You can also sand it smooth which will make it naturally smooth and transparent, but it takes a lot of time and it depends on what your object is because it can be hard to sand some things.

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But I think there is some kind of chemical reaction between water and resin that turns it cloudy. And I have seen it also when I have used acrylic coating…

I want to ask this question, too.