Clear and Black resins v3 not available

Hello everyone,
I’ve a silly question: why PreForm list the v3 for the Clear and Black resins but in the shop there is only the v2?
I’ve missed somehting?
thanks in davance for any kind reply.
Best regards,

I am seeing Black V3 in all (NA/EU/INT) stores now. Clear V2 is the most current resin.

Hello Craig.
Yes now I can see the Black v3 listed. Don’t know why till yesterday night I found only Black v2. So about Clear v2 is the available one and PreForm list the v3 because ready for the next update. Thanks.

Clear V3 was discontinued shortly after it was launched because of a few issues with the material. We still have it listed in PreForm so that users who did purchase Clear V3 will have the correct material settings.

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