Casting Surface Roughness and Airflow

Hello form forum. I am a custom jewelry shop in Colorado and recently purchased a form3. I have been very happy with the way the models turn out, but casting the V2 wax has been dubious at best. I am currently using Kerr satincast with the manufacturer’s burnout schedule and have yet to really have a stellar cast.

I have read in various 3d printing forums that adding airflow to the bottom of the kiln can help solve the problem, but I am hesitant to start drilling the bottom of a kiln (my only kiln) that has been in service for 15+ years. I am setting up to cast tonight and thought that I would try to add a wire kiln shelf to improve air flow below the flask.

Can anyone confirm that drilling holes in the bottom of the kiln, and possibly adding a fish tank pump actually solves the problem? Does anyone shop vac the cavity of the hot flask before casting? Does anyone have any tricks that are helping? Please advise.

I’m having a similar issue. I cast the sample ring they sent before purchasing my form3 and it came out perfectly. I also recently cast another ring and it came out ok but some porosity which I filled in using my Orión welder. I’m casting again tomorrow with a different burnout schedule that I used to cast the prior ring and will see how it goes.

I’m also using prestige optima as my investment. The Sample ring that they sent me and cast perfectly, I used R&R investment and followed a 10 hour burnout schedule as follows: 2 hours holding at 300F, ramped up to 1400 over the next 5.5 hours, held at 1400F for 2 hours, then reduced to 1050 for an hour prior to casting in Sterling silver.

Have any of you reached out to the support team for help? They should be able to help you with updated burnout schedules and advice.

yes but there to slow to answer and i’m losing lots of money Formlab 2 is… : ((((

Im having the same problem unfortunately and im casting gold yellow, pink and white 14k
and i cant fined the sweet spot

Have you tried Formlabs new burnout schedules from last year?

castable_wax-usage-guide-201 (1).pdf (622.4 KB)

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