Castable Wax Schedules


I’ve been out of the loop for about a year, but just tried to find a Castable Wax schedule that’s easy to understand. As a glass artist, we have a WAY different way of programming our kilns that corresponds with three-button and full-button controllers. I have been sitting here with a calculator actually trying to make sense of the schedules printed in several places on the site, and in particular the short burnout schedule:

Here is an alternate method of writing out a kiln schedule that requires no calculations, and is easy to program with the kiln:

When you are entering the information into an Orton or Bartlett controller, which are extremely common on widely available kilns, it asks you three items for each cycle: Ramp, Temp, and Hold. The chart I included above shows only the necessary information that needs to be programmed. I’m using a Paragon SC2 and a Paragon XL, but I also own an AIM Kiln and a Jen-Ken that are all programmed in a similar manner.

I can’t imagine how someone without math skills can make sense of the schedules in the handouts…perhaps it’s taught that way in jewelry schools? But for the average person picking up a programmable kiln, this is a far easier way to communicate the information.

I would also suggest that since Formlabs is a US company, that you make sure to include °F in all of your documentation relating to burnout. I found a couple of schedules and graphs that were all in °C. I believe my kiln has a setting where I could switch over, but all of my glass schedules are in °F, so I’d prefer to leave it as °F.

Interestingly, I prefer the metric system for making jewelry, and I know the Imperial units are difficult!

Just a thought.