Castable v2 with Plasticast burnout schedule vs. Formlabs burnout schedule?

Do those of you using Castable v2 and Plasticast use R&R’s burnout schedule, or the Formlabs Castable v2 schedule?

I’ve got three flasks in the kiln now…a 4x4" perforated with a tree and about 15 items on it, a 2x2.5", and 2.5x2.5". It will be cast on a Kaya Cast vacuum setup. It’s my first burnout with R&R’s investment; I usually use Satincast. I am using the Plasticast burnout schedule on this run. I’ll be casting sterling silver.

R&R’s Plasticast Schedule

  • AFAP to 300°F, hold three hours
  • 200°F/hr (93°C/hr) to 700°F (371°C), hold 2 hours (this is described by them as “raise over 2 hours”)
  • 325°F/hr (163°C/hr) to 1350°F (732°C), hold 2 hours (raised over 2 hours)
  • AFAP to casting temperature (960°F/516°C on this one)

Formlabs Schedule

  • Preheat to 300°F, insert flask
  • 100°F/hr (56°C/hr) to 350°F, hold 30 minutes
  • 210°F/hr (117°C/hr) to 1350°F (732°C), hold for 3 hours
  • -200°F/hr (111°C/hr) to 900°F casting temperature

Just curious if anyone’s had success with this or has thoughts on the difference. I have had good results with Satincast and Formlabs’ schedule, but thought I’d try something different.