Big news in 3 days... New machine?

So, the frontpage tells about big news from formlabs in 3 days and 17 hours.

Anyone who can guess? A form 3? Final start of delivery of the fuse 1?

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3 Days is April first.

Crazy sounds like a new form3 or something. Crazy that Formlabs is going to announce something that is new before delivering the fuse 1. Now I’m wondering if I should put up one of my Form2’s up for sale

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add 17 hours and it’s april 2nd.


Doesn’t look like a Fuse for me ^^

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This looks like a Form2, hard to tell though because this image clearly needs more jpeg!

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I agree with you! Just on the video it seems like the logo is displayed on a screen as it appears and vanishes while the rest stays as is

Together with the orange glow/cover, it looks like a form 3.

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I’d bet on that as well! With bigger build volume as per the second short video clip

What video clips are you talking about? When i visit i just see one background video (form2 rotating, laserpath, whiper, dude painting figure, …) and below it the countdown.

Clearly another SLA machine:
(zoom in, you’ll see an orange tank)

And this video:

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Ahhh, Twitter.
So it will be a Form2+/3 most likely.

Maybe a DLP or LCD-UV Printer? :thinking:

That’s what I think. A bigger SLA printer might compete too much with the Form2. Also the printing time would skyrocket!
We’ll know soon !

My guess: Large format multiquadrant (i. e. 4 galvo pairs) laser SLA printer.

The first one who makes the right guess will get a form 3 for free :wink:


Nextdent is taking a lot of dental customers away as their machines are significantly faster. Could be in that direction as well. But laser SLA was one of the selling points… So not sure about DLP/LCD.

Don’t see a wiper on the picture though…

The formlabs website seems to be down atm. already has an article up about the Form 3 and Form3L

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Got a link to from the FL homepage. But can’t access it yet.

Otherwise it’s not far from what was suggested here!!

I’m not sure how big of an improvement the 3 is compared to the 2 though. We’ll need to get feedback from early buyers. Especially if the cost of the 2 is lowered down significantly.