Big casting problems

hello i am new at the forum sorry for the englich .we are a compagny who makes jewels and i am starded 8 moths ago with formlabs 2 printing and drawing off jewels 3d everything go verry well exept the casting before we dit also casting whit normal wax and the casting was verry smoothonly little bit scrub polisch and was finich. now it is really terrible.

the printer of the jewels in casting resin is perfect then i do 2 times 10’ in the ipa bath , blow the print dry with air offf compressor.
after that all begin the curin normaly 120’ but i do a lot more 4 til8 houres on 55° degrees .

i cut the suports and crub somltimes where their are and also polisch the surface
before investment i but them sometimes in procad a liquid specieal for 3d printing

than making off invetment r&r invest policast like they said

i put the flask in the foor and follow really well the burnout legend.
casting heppend in a special machine ’ indutherm’ vaccum cambre for casting but then the result are terriblr
the surface is fuill of porosie

i dit a test before investment i put some wax on the casteble ressin and after the casting the surface that a traet was smooth

so is heer somebody ho can explane wat i do wrong whit the casteble resin

i hope that you understand what i try to explane
thanks a lot

daer regards