Best thermoformer for aligners?

I am buying form 2 for making aligners. I am confused between which thermoformer would be best suited for this application. Also should I go for vacuum former or pressure former? Anyone having knowledge about this thing, please help!!!

I have F2 and F1+. In one office I use a BioStar Mini (pressure former), and in the other office I use the ErkoForm (quality vacuum unit). After printing the models, I use the Erko putty to make a nice base. The Mini is a little faster and cleaner, in that i can place the model+putty on the porous metal disk, process the sheet, then peel, cut, etc. The Erko is a little messier because I have to put the model+putty on the pellets (I use a resin pellet), and have to clean them off after. But the Erko lets me see the process, so I can take a small PK2 waxing tool and selectively accentuate the adaptation. One other consideration is that I don’t have to keep the compressor running when I use the Erko. A full BioStar would probably get the best adaptation, but I have found that the pressure will perforate more than the vacuum, even when getting comparable adaptation.

So does mini give you more accurate results?