Be able to set default units to inches

The software warns me every time that my file is very small would I like to use inches.

It would be nice to be able to set the default unit to inches and save a click every time.

The problem here, is that most downloadable STL’s are saved in the metric system… so if you download a model, it’ll ask you if you want to resize it to cm’s :wink:

I don’t know what your customers (if you print for customers) give you, but I’d assume it’ll be in cm’s…

The company I work for is the customer in this case.

I download and use other peoples models much less than my own.
Also our customers use inches in most cases.

I would be completely happy with modifying a file manually for this.
Its not a big deal just a want to have that I am used to having.

So far all of my models have had the pop up without fail, and they are generally small models to begin with.

Saving an STL as inches or mm is nearly always a save setting, rather than a global setting that would affect them while they are modeling the part. Since it is for the company you work for, asking them to change their STL export settings to all be the industry standard (metric) might make sense.

Seeing as how I am in control of that, I could bribe myself with a beer to do it. :smile:
I just don’t like having two different measuring systems in place when I don’t have to.
So I guess its a matter of which one bothers me more…Hmmmmmm… :beer: :beers:

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