Announcing the Digital Factory and FUSE


Join us at two new Formlabs events coming this June at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, MA: a day-long deep dive into the future of manufacturing, The Digital Factory, and our first-ever user conference, FUSE.

The Digital Factory
MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA
June 5th
As Formlabs enters a new chapter in its history, we’ll be hosting The Digital Factory at the MIT Media Lab alongside Desktop Metal. Talks at The Digital Factory will explore the future of engineering, manufacturing, and product design, across topics like mass customization, human-machine collaboration, generative design, additive manufacturing, and more. Check out the announcement post to see the list of confirmed speakers.

FUSE: Formlabs User Conference
MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA
June 6th
Fuse, Formlabs User Conference, celebrates the community of people using our technology to change the way things are made. Join us to exchange best practices, hacks, and applications, share ideas within and across disciplines, hear expert advice from industry leaders and the Formlabs team, and get a sneak peak into future product plans. Stick around until the end of the day for a party at Formlabs HQ.

Attending either of these events? Use this thread to introduce yourself to other attendees!


Hi all! I’m Alyce, I work at Formlabs as a content strategist and spend a lot of time working on our blog posts, social media presence, and product launches. I’ll be around as much as possible for both events and am most excited to put faces to some of the names I’ve seen around online so much and hear more about the projects everyone is working on!


Jory here from the People Operations Team. As our first Customer Team member back in 2013, I’ve spoken with many of our users over the years. I’m so excited for FUSE and hope to finally meet some of you face to face! These events are a big deal for us and we can’t wait to share some of our 2017 plans :slight_smile:


Jory, Welcome back!! I will see if I or my better half can make it!


Hi FUSErs! I’m Nyerie and I was on the sales team for almost 2 years before joining the Partnerships team this January. I am super excited to be planning an event to bring you all together and have a chance to learn about the amazing work you all do face to face. Thank you for being a part of this and I look forward to meeting you!


Hi everyone, I’m Adrian and I’m on the Optical Systems Team. I work closely with other mechanical and electrical engineers on our laser systems and helped develop the Form 2 galvanometers and their manufacturing line. I’m also the guy behind the R2D2 that sits in our reception area as well as many other video game/movie props. Really looking forward to seeing some amazing prints!


Hey guys! I’m Diana from the Partnerships team, working to make FUSE an awesome experience for you through collaborating with our incredible community of partners, super users and workflow players across all industries. We’re really excited to have you all come meet, discuss, exhibit, collaborate and celebrate your work under one roof! Looking forward to meeting you there!


Very cool to see Formlabs getting more of their team joined and active in the forum! I think Frew, Ben and the few others here were getting lonely! :joy:

I wish I could join you guys at FUSE, would be awesome. Alas my boss (read wife) and company doesn’t have room in the budget this year for a X-country trip. Ya’ll have fun!


I am considering joining you in FUSE but my lazy bum doesn’t feel too good about it. Travelling to UK takes about 9 hours from where I live (Middle East) and that ain’t compfy :sweat_smile:

Maybe my wife will get excited about it since she studied in the UK. Lemme see what I can do before then.


After years of online interactions, I couldn’t be more excited for us to welcome Formlabs users for face-to-face conversations and information sharing. Like Diana said, we’re on track for everyone, even the most expert users, to learn new tips and insight from Formlabs and one another. The name “FUSE” comes from Formlabs + User, and lends naturally to the chemistry of our products (and our relationships). I’m looking forward to experiencing it all together in about 7 weeks.


We’re actually holding the event in Cambridge, MA in the US, not the UK!


Hi Form Friends. I work in mechanical engineering here at Formlabs and have had a hand in the Form 1 and Form 2 design. One of my happiness moments at formlabs was the first time I saw a customer print a part more impressive than we could on the Form 1—I believe it was one of @KlausLeitl’s insects. For many, many months before shipping the Form 1 was something that required lots of knowledge and hackery and institutional knowledge to make a successful print. Once the printer was out in the wild, it was amazing to the power to make great parts easily had expanded beyond the handful of engineers at formlabs. See you in June!


Hey fellow Formlabs users, excited for the upcoming FUSE event. I’m a mechanical engineer here at Ximedica who uses a Form 2 in a professional environment. Excited to share best practices with folks who use their Form 2 in the med device development field.

Looking forward to networking with everyone at the event!


Hello fellow 3D printing enthusiasts!

I’ll be at FUSE 2017 and can’t wait to meet the faces behind the wonderful posts, projects and other gems I’ve read about here over the last few years.

About me: An early Formlabs Kickstarter backer who got hooked on 3D printing back in the Form 1 days, I’m the guy who modified the original Eiffel tower model for better results and more importantly, am bringing a few giveaways to hand out at the conference (like egg toys and weiner dogs!)


Hi all,

I’m Andrew, and I co-founded CLEAR design lab - I design and develop products for a wide range of companies, mostly in emerging technology applications.

My business partner is one of the panelists at FUSE, we use our Formlabs printers pretty much every day and are excited about the future of additive manufacturing :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meeting lots of new folks at FUSE, I’ll also be at the Digital Factory event the day before.


Hi everyone, I’m Vladimir Mariano. I’m a design ambassador with Pinshape and currently featured as the designer of the month. I also teach online video courses on designing for 3D printing at Very excited about the event and looking forward to meeting everyone.


Hi all, my name is Lee Williamson. I am an artist working working primarily in computer games. I use my Form 2 for my side gig, as well as my personal work.

The Form 2 has changed the way I look at my art. A number of my prints started out as game models. After almost 20 years of 3D modeling, It’s incredible to actually hold a model that I created, in my hands. Recently, I’ve begun building real-time models using photogrammetry, and have printed one of them, with another in progress.

The print is at the bottom of the page, if you’re interested:

I’m excited about the conference and look forward to meeting you folks!


Not able to make it to the Digital Factory in person? Join us here for the full event live stream starting now.


Are the videos from the smaller sessions up yet? I’d like to watch a few of the ones I missed, and also want to reference that crayon-melting tip in a post I’m working on.


The keynote is available on our website and we’re working on formatting and releasing videos for some of the smaller sessions.