Allow modification of touch-point sphere indicators in support edit view

The visual removal of supports and their replacement with touch-point indicators is a wonderful editing improvment. Thank You. Continuing on that same path, hovering and mouse-wheel-rolling over individual touch-point spheres could control touch-point size. While rolling, an indicator popup would display showing new diameter changes in selected units as you roll the mouse wheel to change the size. The popup would disappear after the cursor moves away. Different diameters of touch-point would be represented by different colored spheres, making it easy to see how you have the touch-point diameters configured. A ledgend on the side of the screen could display the colors and their respective diameters that are currently configured.

Also, it would be nice to allow right-mouse-button dragging of existing touch-points to different locations for adjusting the support locations. (just realized I have not tried this… maybe it aleady does this?)