3D Design and printing services available

R. Watson Design ,in PA, USA is offering 3D CAD design and 3D printing part time.
CAD is by the hour, pirinting is Time + Material

Have Form 2 and Form Cure with the following resins in stock:
Engineering: Durable, Tough, Castable
Regular: White, Black, Clear, Grey
Can get others like High temp, etc as needed with pretty quick turnaround.

Send me Form2 Preform, Solidworks, STL, STEP, OBJ files for best results, Others may need conversion.

I’m an aerospace designer by day (since 1994) currently designing helicopters. I have extensive design experience with 3D CAD using SDRC I-deas, CATIA V5 and older Autocad. Currently own a license of Solidworks 2018 Standard and am learning that in my spare time.

i also have a Next Engine HD 3D scanner, a 2000 deg F furnace, and a vacuum chamber for making investment molds but I’m still pretty new to investment casting. These are all about the same capacity as the Form 2’s printing envelope. Also have some Ultimaker 3 printer experience from work.

Feel free to contact me to discuss further.
Thanks ,

Hello, are you able to print in castable wax resin?

I can… depending on the number of prints that you need

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