2x Solidscape 3ZPro 3D Printer for sale


first of my english is not the best.
i have to sell 2x Solidscape 3ZPro 3D.
They got service already and are ready to use. I sell them with accessory that are very usefull.

Both printer are in an very good condition and they got checked / maintained often.

3Z Pro, Plotter A
Manufacturing date: 04/02/2014
Serial number: 1675
Used hours: 4.532
Last service: January 2019

Preis $ 11.000,-

3Z Pro, Plotter B
Manufacturing date: 03/04/2014
Serial number: 1694
Used hours: 18.852
Last service: October 2018

Preis $ 11.000,-

Shipping cost’s depends on the Location.

Spare parts to use:
Filter: 2x pro Maschine
Printheads (Düsen): 1x
Building panels used but good condition: 4x
Building panels new: 1x
Build wachs: 4 Packungen
Support wachs: 5 Packungen
Paper bands: 2x
Build line (tubes): 2x pro Maschine
Flaches Kabel: 2x
Flaches Kable Dünn: 1x

Just contact me here or under my email I will give you.



Nobody interested? Got more pictures aswell.

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Couldnt post all Pictures because of the Limit.
Anybody knows Website where I can offer these Printers aswell?

More Pictures.

Plotter A:


Plotter B:


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Still for sale. Price negotiable

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