sell my 2 x Form1+ since i upgrading.

The Form1+ is in great working condition and all of the mirrors have been recently cleaned. and workin 100 %

For €2,300 you get:

Tools and cleaning kit included in original package.
Brand New Sealed Resin Tray and Bottle of Resin (new)
If you want I can also send the resin tray’s that I have, used, since I would not need them.

i got
2 x form1+ printer
11 x tray ( 8 x recote tray ) 3 old
2 x new tray
5 x byding form
6 L resin dif type
2 x cleaning kit

if you bye alle 4500 EURO otherwise, divide 50% to 2300 EURO

Both printer is in Denmark
and can be shipped in the box org

I can pay 1,000 euros for the first + shipping

no 2300 EURO a pic or 4500 total

What do you Include with one printer?
I live inn norway so shipping should not be a problem.


1 x form1+ printer
5 x tray ( 5 x recote tray )
1 x new tray
2 x byding form
2 L resin dif type
1 x cleaning kit

Any chance you cold email me at Emilsen.jack@gmail.com.
So er could continue there?

Sign Jack

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