1st mirror cleaning solution

Has anyone tried this:


Looks great but quite expensive too.

I don’t know if you could use this for cleaning on the Form1+ mirror. The support team only recommends using pec-pads because these are the only cloths that don’t seem to damage the mirror… I’d stick to their advice :wink:

I thought this might be better as it has minimal contact with abrasive surfaces and just peels off once hardened.

…although its very expensive I guess its nice to have it ready to use at home. Its probably a matter of time if the galvo mirrors get dirty. Here a question to formlabs: If I had to clean my small mirrors once a year or so, wouldn’t it be the safest way to clean them just with this first contact polymer?

Yeah, it’s the same stuff just from a UK supplier - I think I’d prefer using it to the pec pads as there’s minimal contact with the mirror.

Cool Jason! let us know how it worked out then.

Hey Jason! I just wanted to direct you to a post I just made about Mirror Cleaning. Please only follow the Formlabs approved techniques as to not void your warranty and damage your mirror. Thanks!