Would You Like Your Part Featured in the Formlabs Booth at SIGGRAPH 2019?

Formlabs is going to SIGGRAPH 2019! SIGGRAPH is the largest annual conference on Computer Graphics in the world. It’s a show that brings together special effects and video game studios, prop makers, and filmmakers from all over to show off their best projects, ideas, and learnings from the previous year.

Formlabs will have a large booth where we’ll be showing off our printers, materials, and models from a wide range of users in our fabulous community.

Would you like your work to be shown off in our booth? GREAT! We’d love that too. If your work falls into “entertainment” category, whether that’s prop/cosplay model making, action figures, tabletop gaming pieces, model making, or vehicles or any sort, we’d love to take a look, with just a few stipulations that can be found below.

1. The work must be original to you and made by you.

2. Obviously, we need your permission to talk about it and show it off! If we decide to move forward there’s an agreement I’ll send over that gives Formlabs consent to use your piece as a marketing material. Whether that’s only for this show, or if you’d like to let us show your work off at future shows as well, that’s something we can discuss.

3. If the model is printed already and you’d like to let us borrow it, that’s great! We’ll send it right back after the show(8/1/2019). If you haven’t printed your part, and you only have an .STL, that’s OK too! We can print it here and we’ll of course send you photos of your completed part, and of it’s place of honor in our booth.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, or you have any questions at all, please message me privately here, and I’ll get back to you as efficiently as possible so we can determine whether your piece is a good fit, and what the next steps might be. :slight_smile: