What parameters are important in order to get best female and male threads


Hi people,
I have been reading some topics about having threads and I am new for form3 machine.
For some reason I am having worse thread quality on sla form3 than 3d printer.
Would you give me some tips to set the defaults in order to get good quality for both female and male threads?

  • Does increasing the resolution help with getting better threads?
    -Editing support material gave me defected faces also. Any thoughts on this issue?
    I am trying to have the best quality for the threads without tapping because tapping works with small sizes as M5 etc… but I need big sizes so what parameters are important in order to get best thread quality?
    I gave some clearance between male and female threads. I am doing experiments at this moment and It would be great to get tips from you guys to reduce experimental time.
    Thank you.