We're so happy to announce the Form 3 and Form 3L!


so what would be the price without the form wash and cure? and any word on the printing speed?


check the store, prices are there.


the price in the store only shows with the form wash and cure and both warranty’s. want to know the price of just the form 3


not really. you can select a basic kit also. I think it was something 3960 euros inc VAT


I see both, $3,500 for just the Form 3.


Form 2/Form 3 Comparison Blog post seems to be working at the moment!


Is the build platform on the Form 3 the same as the Form 2?


Great question!

Many components are cross-compatible between Form 2 and Form 3. The build platform, resin cartridges, Form Wash and Form Cure, PreForm, and Dashboard are compatible across both machines. The standard Finish Kits are comparable with the addition of the tank tool for Form 3.

Due to the increased size of Form 3L, it will have some other unique components.


I don’t see much mention of the speed anywhere yet and I’m curious to know if, with the flexible resin tank, the 3 does the same slow draw/lift/wipe cycle as the 2. If the 3 is significantly faster than the 2, that would be reason enough for me to upgrade.


This link is working: https://formlabs.com/store/form-3/

Starting prices:
$3,499 for the Form 3
$5,999 for the Form 3, Cure and Wash
$9,999 for the Form 3L


I’m pissed. I just ordered and received my Form 2 less than 3 weeks ago. I specifically asked if there were any new products coming out in the immediate future.

UPDATE: The discount/rebate they offered has made me feel a lot better about the situation and after using the Form 2 for some time now I can say it’s a damn good little printer.


I understand, I got my form2 less than 3 months ago and I am extremely happy about it. If you are in Europe and the printer is as new, you might be able to send it back.

But since trays will be available till 2023, we should be happy (except for the 500 euros money wasted they should compensate) and in case get also a form3.


The Form 3L with the larger print size is great but that price tag! Ouch!


I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these! Super excited to see one, and it’s clear the team put a lot of effort into the engineering of these. Seems like the LFS is going to be a good improvement with some of the more sensitive engineering resins, and smaller touch points will be great for detail printing.

For the 3L, have you noticed any issues with Flex resin or any of the other engineering resins with larger cross section layers?

Great job guys, and congrats on another launch :slight_smile:


In the preform still has the diameter of the support very much because of what I saw in the video so that it works with jewels, it is bad to take these very coarse support would there be a change in this sense?


It’s expensive but if you really think about it the price is pretty cheap comparatively. If I did make a move on one of these I would without a doubt have to sell both of my Form2 machines lol. I’d hate to do it on ray and take a beating with the fees.


It’s similar to the Fuse. The sticker is a little rough, but when you look at options with similar ecosystems and support, FL is so much cheaper and 10k is nothing compared to what I pay quarterly to have larger parts SLA’d by outside vendors. That’s a few jobs at most, or one rush job.
Like the Fuse, the 3L really isn’t meant for “home” use, imo. It’s true use is for pros and companies, where 10k for equipment pays itself off fairly quickly in time and money.


Does it fix my greatest complaint about the Form 2? We have had several catastrophic resin overflows which leak down onto optics and electronics. We have three Form 2’s and really like them. They are used heavily by our students. This is an Achilles heel, however. We’ve cleaned and replaced them multiple times. I had hoped a new model would relocate the optics and electronics and do a better job of containment. Please tell me this is true.


Hey Formlabs, Hexastorm pointed out:

A difference [from] the Form 2 will be that a part will be less smooth. Tracing the outline gives smoother result. Lines imply a discretization in one direction. It can also not employ writing strategies to cure parts. This can be used to mitigate shrinkage.

Any chance we could get some close-ups to compare the surface finish of parts printed on the Form 2 vs. Form 3/3L?

Also, on the 3L, have you seen any alignment artifacts on parts stemming from the use of two lasers? (e.g. Analogous to the layer shifts sometimes seen when pausing / restarting a Form 2 print)


That’s one thing I’m wondering, from the specs they put an X/Y resolution at 25 microns, which sounds like that’s the minimum distance the laser can move, whereas on the Form2 the laser movements are so small that the X/Y resolution isn’t a concern there. Is there a noticeable difference?

Also, I’m wondering how much of the issue of accumulated resin on the underside of the print is. With previous printers there’s an issue with SLA in that extra resin will get cured on the underside and it’s especially an issue in areas where the resin isn’t moving around as much like around supports.

The other thing for many people is the issue of cartridge valve failures, sometimes the valve will come off or not close and then empty the cartridge into the tray and overflow and make a mess. Since the Form3 is using the same cartridges, what changes have been made to avoid that issue?