Underwater curing - what do with the waste water...?

We’ve been using underwater curing for the past week or so, and it’s working great. I assume, however, that the waste water is not so healthy so I don’t want to throw it down the sink. I’m about to ask the city authorities about how to deal with it, but I was wondering if anyone has an idea or opinion about it?

What are the benefits of underwater curing? Do you still use a UV light?

Less oxygen is faster curing. with a uv lamp.

And no, unfortunately I haven’t found different way to get rid of the contaminated water either…

Could chuck it on concrete. The water will evaporate and the resin will cure in the light?

Yes maybe the evaporation route could work…

It’s superfast. Bit of a shake in alcohol, and 30 min under water in sunlight seems to be enough most of the time (we’ve been using formlabs white so far).

For the contaminated water it should not be anything more than a small amount of IPA and a super small amount of uncured resin if there is a substantial amount of resin in the water you are not cleaning your parts in IPA or not cleaning them enough. I usually clean my parts in the IPA and then allow them to air dry before I do the underwater curing method. Plus when you cure it in the water in theory it should cure all the resin partials anyways so you should have a hardened resin, trace amounts of IPA, and water, that you can send through a cheap paint filter anything that gets through the filter would or should have no ill effect on the plumbing or environment when the water makes its way to a treatment plant and by all accounts you can just throw away the hardened resin that you filtered out as if you were throwing away any other hard plastic.

Tanqueray or Absolut would help it go down…

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