Two New Engineering Materials: Grey Pro and Rigid


Awesome news. Thanks so much!


I am working on the printing of scale models of cranes in scale 1:50 where some parts are less than 1 mm thick which resin is best suited for this without it breaking quickly the resin must be strong is the grey pro or rigid stronger then the grey v3 version


Grey Pro appears to have a slightly lower strength than Grey V3, but Rigid is stronger. See the star chart for additional spec comparisons.


ok thank you i have buy the regid resin


@ahrensdorf and others interested, I just noticed the samples were available to order.


Quick question on rigid resin - would it be suitable for making press forming dies for forming thin non ferrous sheet metal into urethane?


None of us have the resin in hand yet but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work as long as there is plenty of support on the press.

Formlabs might even be able to provide a small sample part for you to test. They’re always interested in new uses for the materials.


I’d missed that it’s not available until May - oops. I know that Devcon metal-filled epoxy can be used to press objects, it’d certainly be interesting to see if the same thing can be accomplished with the rigid resin.


I received my sample part its some stiff nice looking resin. the sample part is large which is nice. I wonder if it was printed with support


There are alternatives to Devcon (Alumilite and Smooth On).

If the new materials work you could print a shell and fill with aluminum resin on the cheap. Or just cast into standard resin.


A valid suggestion on the infill - might cost more time than it saves in materials, but I’ll give it some thought.


Hello, I’m new to SLA printing and was wondering if you could elaborate on your statement of
(but that’s already possible with Grey Std as long as you have a bit of experience with it)?
Is there a specific way Grey std should be handled pre/post printing or modeling?
Thank you for any insight you can give.


That’s a pretty broad question, I wouldn’t know where to begin. You should narrow-down what you want to know, take a look on formlabs support pages where they have a slew of articles explaining the basic of resin handling, and then ask in the General Discussion or Support/Troubleshooting sections of the forum for any unclear points.


Thank you for giving me a true starting point.


We recently received our long-awaited grey pro resin and LT tanks, and have had a couple problems out of the gate. The first print appeared to have several support pillars that stopped building or failed to adhere just above the level of the raft, and the part above it was distorted due to the lack of support. We observed that there was a part of the tank that the resin was not wetting to, so figured this might have been part of the reason.

We lightly scraped and tried again with some other parts, and this time experienced multiple part failures where entire sections of the part (except the raft) did not form. We went in with the scraper again and found several areas where cured resin was stuck to the window. We removed these as gently as possible and are trying another build at this moment, but I notice that the resin is still not wetting well, so there are apparent voids after the wiper comes across, so I’m not optimistic.

Any idea what the problem could be? Was there anything we were supposed to do to prep the LT tank? Anyone else have this problem? Would this be a warranty/replacement-worthy issue?

Carrot Inc.


I had similar problems, but a factory reset seems to have solved them. I suspect it was because I had made a z-height adjustment that the new LT tray didn’t like.


I have been printing with grey pro and LT tank without issue. I did not do any special prep to the tank. It would at least be a “submit a ticket” worthy issue. These tanks have been incredibly reliable for me so far (over 100 prints, with 5+ resins).


@AJameson56, I would suggest submitting a support ticket in this case, too. Our team can help figure out if you need a new tank, or if there’s another more subtle issue.