TPM - Alternative wash

I have been playing around with TMP as an alternative wash for a while. Love everything about it except a small film layer that is still on the model after we wash it.

Anyone experience something similar?

How do you remove the TMP after you wash the extra resin?

I use DPM, but apparently workflow is identical to TPM.

My process is 15 minutes in DPM in an ultrasonic cleaner, and then 10 minutes in IPA in the Form wash, and let it air dry. This has been working pretty well for me, no tackiness whatesoever, and parts dry quick after IPA.

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How often do you change your DPM? I noticed that the IPA milage with this system extend majorly. Do you see the same trend?

I haven’t changed it since I started this process…don’t really know how many parts I’ve put it through…but I switched to DPM when the pandemic was at its height…sometime early or mid April. I changed my IPA near the end of April and haven’t seen any signs of needing to switch either so far. But I’m not printing every day…maybe 1-2 prints per week.