Tough 2000 worth to buy?

Hello. This is my first time writing on this forum.

I have been using a Form3 printer and Standard Grey Resin for my mock-ups since July. My tank’s current life span status is 63%.

The thing is that…
I’m wondering with whether I should switch to Tough 2000 resin or stay on standard grey resin.

It is quite annoying that the mock-ups made of standard grey resin keep break. It’s so brittle to decorate as even design mock-ups.

How is the Tough 2000 resin with latest firmware update? Is it hard to take care without Form Wash or is it ok with Finishing Kit? Is it worth to buy paying extra money?

Buy Tough 2000 Resin or Stay on Standard Grey Resin?

I’ve used both Grey and Tough 2000.

I like Tough 2000; it’s definitely less brittle and less prone to breakage. However you can’t achieve quite as much detail as with Standard resin; edges and fine features come out sharper and better looking in Grey.

If your parts sustain a lot of impact you might also check out Tough 1500 or Durable.

I’m not sure if you can switch a Form 3 tank from a Standard to Engineering resin. Some discussion on that here Tough 2000 resin - they were going to do some firmware updates to ease the restrictions, I just can’t remember if they’ve been released yet. Make sure you buy a v2 tank.

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Thank you for sharing your experience.
When I have spoke with a staff member, it seems that it is possible to reprogram the tank from standard resin to tough 1500. However, it cannot be reprogram to tough 2000.

Tough 1500 would probably be your best bet. Two reasons.
The material differences in-between 1500 and 2000. They are close to the same material with a trade off. Flexibility without breaking for impact strength. 2000 will not flex as far without breaking, but can take large impacts. 1500 can flex much more but cannot take as much of an impact as 2000. That being said the lower bar for impact that 1500 sets is still very high.
Post processing is also much easier with 1500 over 2000. 2000 is very difficult to clean, worse than the flexible material. I usually wash tough 2000 for 20 minutes in IPA before its done. Fine details will run a risk of damage during that time.
As far as details go tough 1500 will produce better results than 2000, but neither of them will come close to the standard grey.

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