Support on Fine Lines


We are printing parts for miniature tanks.
And we had a lot of troubles with the support destroying the outer line of the model.
See photo.

So our idea was to draw a wall of 0.1mm thick on the sides of the model.
See photo.

Results with clean up :slight_smile:

So this is very good solution for this problem but it’s very difficult to draw on a curved line.
For example for the middle hole. It’s not perfect round…

Maybe this option can be added in Preform? A line support on the sides.
Or are there easy solutions to draw these lines yourself?

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Nice. I had a similar idea myself for precisely the same reason.

Clever solution! Definitely adding this to my model prep toolbox.

Depends on your modeling software. Solidworks surfacing tools make this sort of thing trivial but it would still take ~30-90 seconds per edge. Depending on the model it could still end up being time consuming but the results are tough to argue with.

I’ve found a manual edit of the supports in PreForm can help a lot as well. This will allow you to change where the supports ‘attach’ including moving them back a bit to the interior of the model.

Doesn’t always work for everything, but I have had good luck with it so far.

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Yes, the manual edit of the support helps for some area’s but not in this particular part.
It’s very sharp on all edges of the part and it works only with this small wall support. :slight_smile: