Simple tip for new people

If your like me you probably just started making stuff and didn’t really read all the instructions, This information is probably in them but who has time to read all that ! Once you build your supports on your model in Preform there is easy way to see if your model will fail (have missing parts) There is a sliding scale on the far right side of the Preform build window that will take you slice by slice through your model. Using this, it will show you all the “floating islands” of unsupported material. Once you find them, stop add a support and use the sider again until all the unsupported areas are gone. Good luck Happy building

As an addendum, you can view the part from beneath while editing the supports and use the layer slider to cut away the part from bottom to top. Doing this lets you ensure that you’re supporting things evenly and in a structurally sound way. I almost never use the autogenerated supports. I add all of my own this way.

I discovered your idea Chris about 2 hrs before logging in today ! Coming from the mostly subtractive world of milling. It is a totally different thought process using the Form 2 supports. There really should be a big arrow pointing to that slider on the side, It really has made a huge difference in how my prints come out .

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