Selling my Form3+ - $2000 + accessories - Southern California Local Pickup

Hi all,

I have a < 1 year old Form3+ I’d like to sell. I bought it for prototyping for my job, but I’ve only been using it to print minis and there’s cheaper options for that.
Comes with a resin tray that has white resin, and a fresh resin tray with 1L of grey resin.

I don’t have the box to ship it so I recommend local pickup to avoid damage.

Prices are below:
Form3+ $2000 (MSRP $3700ish)
White resin tray $100 (needs a new material cartridge but the tray is full, MSRP $225)
Grey resin tray with resin cartridge $250 (fresh 1L, MSRP $300)

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