Selling Form3

I am selling my Form3 to upgrading to Fuse with a few friends.
Does not include curing oven (printing with clear resin
does not require post curing with UV light).
Includes, printer, build platform and resin tank with less
than 1 liter of clear resin.
With the original box and accessories.
Was bought in July, under warranty with Pro Service
Plan until July 2022.

Asking price $2800.00 OBO.

Used as a hobbyist, so it is like new (open box).

Where are you based?

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If you are in the greater Boston area, I may be interested. -Spencer

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In Portland, OR. Can video call if you wish to see the printer or send me a demo OBJ etc.
Shipping would, unfortunately, be an added cost.

If you wish feel free to email me at

Thank you