Resin Cartrdige Disposal/Recycle

I mean they should be able to pull off the old bite valve do a full rinse refill and reprogram slap another bite valve on and send them out the door at a slight discount?

What about a cartridge refill option? Send them back and get a refill of resin in your old cartridge?

From what I’ve gathered, some of the biomedical grade resins are manufactured by 3rd parties and resold to various entities like formlabs and other dental companies that rebrand. Might be similar options out there to just buy a different form factor of the same resin and refill your own cartridge from a less wasteful bottle/ bulk volume of resin…

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yeah just send out bite valves with the new bottles of resin and we can fill them from the top vent valve since that comes off and unscrews

Now that’s a money making venture. 1-2 bulk bottles you send back and forth to refill the cartridge’s (that every user has accumulated). Good for formlabs because it would require at least one cartridge order of that corresponding resin, and then good for the world at large because it ultimately cuts down on waste and this accumulation of cartridges. Resin straight from the tap (or vat, I’m unsure of the correct terminology).

Hey @smiledoc ,

That’s a pretty good idea! Although I can’t guarantee anything, I am more than happy to pass that idea to our Product Feedback team to mull over. Thank you for your suggestion!

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