PTFE resin testing


Hello everyone,
I’m Enzo.
For work, I would like to test this material;
3D printing with 3M™ Dyneon™ PTFE
I would like to know your opinion if you have used this product with Form2.
It will be my concern to enter information if I bring this project forward.
Thanks to everyone in advance, who will participate in the discussion!

Kind regard.


Would you even get the raw material? What is the printing process? If this is a SLA-based process, you’d certainly have a post-sintering stage. Even if you get all that sorted out, with the Form 2, where you can’t choose the settings for the print profiles yourself, you’d have to tailor the base resin chemistry towards an existing material profile…
Also, if I understand this correctly, Dyneon holds a patent on their printing process.

So in short, I see many problems ahead, and I don’t think anyone ever tried to do such a thing on the Form 2.


Hi there

I would like to get the raw material.

SLA based on drying and sintering processes.

Formlabs replied that I can use “open mode” (let’s see what happens). The biggest problem seems to be getting 3M material, I await a response from them.

Kind regard.


Ah, I didn’t notice Dyneon hid this info in their videos. In open mode, you’d still have to use one of the Formlabs material profiles, as far as I know, so you might get problems with their acrylic resin base, if it is tailored to another printer. 3Dresyns is selling “fine tuners” for SLA resins on their website, if you encounter over- or undercuring, you may try giving these a go:

A very interesting application, for sure. Would be great if you could keep us posted with the results, if you receive the raw materials :slight_smile:


Hi there
P3D Thank you for the link.
This morning “3M” answered me, at the end of the email this is written;
“We have done all our work on open sourced SLA machines with a tailor made PTFE formulation.”