Printing 120 Cell Geometry

Any takers lol… :joy:

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The file is large so I’m hosting it on my company’s website here (25mb).

Just a note, I generated the supports with the following settings:

Then using my best judgement I manually edited the supports removing any seemingly internal, interwoven, or extraneous supports. (iirc I removed around 10 leaving what you see in the file).

Okay thank you for this Kevin I truly appreciate it as I’m trying to print a geometry set and need to learn how its possible to print some of these more complex shapes without having to deal with all the internal supports. I will try to make a large print of this and let you know the results.

Yowzers, I’ll pass on this one LOL. Someone else can try it.

Yes that was meant to be a joke lol

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Kev quick question, when you make it larger do you think that I can remove the same supports and go with that or do you think it all has to be done again from scratch as far as determining which supports to remove?

Ya I thought about that on my drive in this morning…resizing will clear the supports. Unfortunately it is going to be a lot more work to manually remove the supports as the minimum generated supports looks like my first image I uploaded. No easy answer there except that it will have to be done from scratch.

No worries I will try to replicate it based on the original one you sent. Should the point size be larger due to the print being larger?

I would probably go .40 minimum if ur going at 100%

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Okay thanks so much.

Kevin, when you started customizing the supports did you start from a blank design and add the supports or did you let it automatically generate the supports and then removed the ones you removed?

Sorry for the delay @innovtr I generated and them removed.

Got it, I did the same thing so glad it wasn’t the other way around lol :joy:

120 Cell Large with no Internal Supports! Big thanks to @kevinduhe for showing me how this should be done.


Very nice!

Congrats again on your full version of the 120 Cell Geometry @innovtr It looks fantastic.

The post I am writing now is geared towards your thought that people are not pushing the printer enough, not necessarily the lack of internal supports. This morning I decided to dig through my old files to show you (and others) something I printed a few months ago, which I frankly thought was amazing.

On the surface It doesn’t look all that fancy. It’s a mostly hollow item. But check out what’s inside. Here is a pic from underneath:

I didn’t have enough room to put both pieces so I put one under?/inside? the other, then generated the supports a Viola! Here is a pic of the item inside:

I was completely surprised and blown away that

  1. The supports generated with no errors
  2. It allowed me to send the print to the printer with no errors/warnings and
  3. That it printed without issue.

I wish I had taken pics of the items right off the printer, but I did not :frowning:

  • Kevin

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