Preform touchpoint size

I’ve recently been reducing the touchpoint size of my supports. This not only makes it easier to remove the part from the raft but makes cleaning up touchpoints smaller on the part. Might I assume that reducing the size translates to more total supports?

I think size just controls the size, and you have to increase the Density if you want more of them.

Hi @bjahn1!

@rkagerer is correct that reducing the touchpoint size will solely affect the part of the support that is touching the model. If you would like to increase the number of supports, try adjusting “Support Density” in PreForm.

For more details on supporting models in PreForm, check out this official support article!

Most of my parts are very small (model railroad applications). All of those parts using mini-rafts with tip diameters of .15mm to .20mm. I’ve experimented with .10mm and, while those generally work OK based on geometry, a few parts will not build properly. Small touch points definitely improve part removal.

I also print larger parts used for mold patterns that have a flat surface. No matter how I adjusted tip diameter or density, the bottom ended up bowed and much thicker in the center than the edges, which curled. Formlabs customer support recommended using a full raft with the same .15-.20mm tip diameter and it worked like a charm. Thank you Formlabs customer support!

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Great, I’m so glad that support was able to help you out!

Within the past couple weeks, I’ve run into issues with parts being ripped in strips between the platform and tray. FL’s great customer service took 1 of my problem files, modified supports (quantity and placement) beyond any generic setting PreForm creates, and sent the file back. I can still use .15mm and .20mm tip diameters but I’ve learned (from FL’s help) about adding a LOT more supports to features that will create future tearing issues. Trial and error is key but having a solid working knowledge of the hidden forces involved with holding parts in place during the build process, then releasing them in 1 piece can’t be overstated.

Thanks to FL’s customer service team (Olive and Samuel) for helping me get thru this.

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Hey @SMMW,

This is a great call-out; the smaller the touchpoints are, the more often you need to supplement more supports in other locations to compensate for the less surface area of contact. Shoutout to Olive and Samuel, too!