Possible OLED display swap/spare

Since I’m still waiting on a printer of my own, I entertain myself by looking at the high res pictures that Bunnie Huang took of the Form1 during his tear-down.  On one of them I noticed a part that I recognized-- it happens to be the OLED display on the front.

Anyway, on Bunnie’s machine the display looks like a Newhaven Display P/N NHD-2.23-12832UCB3.  So if you happen to want a spare for some day down the road (OLEDs are subject to burn-in over time)–


…should be the same blue display.   You may or may not have to solder a new 0.1" header strip to it-- I couldn’t quite tell what the connection system was from Bunnie’s photo.  There’s an converter PCB from Formlabs there to connect it to a ribbon cable, but I couldn’t tell if there was a socket on that or if it was directly soldered to the OLED.

If you’re more in to modding things to give them a more personal touch, this display is *probably* a drop-in compatible and just yellow instead of blue:


No guarantees that’d work, YMMV, opening the case probably voids your warranty, etc. :slight_smile:


Wow, good find man. Why don’t you find sources for the rest of the parts and I’ll just try assembling my own while I wait for the real one to ship! :wink: