Personal feedback on the Form 3 machine. (3 months in using already)

I think I am one for the few got the machine super early. We have been using the machine for several months since we had it around early of July. In general speaking, it is a good machine but not surprise better than the previous form 2. I share some of my feedback here for anyone still waiting for or thinking to buy a form 3.

My background is a prototype company and we offer printing services as a side business.

  1. No open mode anymore. You have to use FL resin. Since I only load the clear resin on the machine. For $150/L, it is okay to me especially it is clear resin.

  2. It is hard to change resin with the new tank. You may want to buy a new tank for a different resin if you want to change. It looks much difficult to clean compare to the old Form 2 resin tank.

  3. Printing failures did happen. The model stuck on the resin tank normally. I think the small touch points may fail to provide enough peeling force.

  4. The machine Wifi connection is terrible. Especially we have 5 form 2 and 1 form 3, we have to use one computer only to connect with the Form 3 and let another computer to handle the Form 2. The respond speed of the connection is much slower than the old form 2. Sometimes we were so frustrated since none of the computer can connect or find the Form 3.

  5. The cartridge stops working and can’t sense the resin cartridge anymore. I hate this happen especially it doesn’t offer the open mode anymore which means you can’t start the machine in any ways.

  6. Printing quality is good. I am happy with the updated smaller laser beam and better supports structure.

For a 3k machine, I am not complaining and accept all these problems. We don’t rely on the FL machine as a main work horse for the business. We have industrial SLA machines and we understand the differences. I do believe FL did a great job to disrupt the old 3D printing industry by offering the products so a lot of ppl can be benefited by the SLA technology now. We paid so much money to buy machines and materials before to achieve almost same printing quality now can be done on a 3k machine. It is amazing!

Just want to share with the community of our side using experience. I will contact them to have the machine fixed and see what’s next.


Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

Thanks for the review, is the print quality at 25um better than Form2?