My "lava shield" magnetic badge for my son

My son is always on about needing a ‘lava suit’ when we walk in the parking lots, as a game about not stepping on parts of the road. Lately, he complains that he forgot it upstairs when we get to the garage, and asks me for a ‘temporary’ (an idea I had one time to stop him from trying to bounce between lines).

So, as a surprise for tomorrow, I made him a real temporary.

This is two pieces, each about 4cm in diameter, printed in Grey v2 on a Formlabs 1+ printer. Each has a cavity for a small natural magnet which is glued in (the magnets fit perfectly, but if you don’t glue it in, the magnet might eventually come free. Both pieces were printed simultaneously, and took about 1.5 hrs. I then sanded a few rough spots from the supports, and post-cured it in a UV tank for 10 minutes. I coated them with a single pass of red Rustoleum paint, followed by a single coat of acrylic coating for additional shine.

Now, I just need to keep myself from mentioning it until he brings up lava tomorrow morning…

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Lava floors are a common problem at Formlabs HQ…could probably use a few of those temp suits…

Nice work!